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Anyone hiring?

Ok, I'm back for my bi-yearly update.

What to say?

Well, July 29th is my last contract day for my job here in Japan. Therefore the plan is to either fly home that day after work, or I may have to fly home the week before that dpending on when my replacement is slated to arrive.

The current plan, for all those with inquiring minds, is to stay with my folks for a bit till we get back on our feet. My resume is in the touch up phase and I'll start posting it soon, though I fully expect to be flipping burgers to make ends meet as the economy in America is worse than the dubs on those old Jackie Chan movies.

What am I gonna do? I have no idea. I have experience in oh about 15 different fields of work, from food prep and table service, to metal work and basic welding, to Teaching and lesson plan making, to Japanese office assistance and managerial experience.

I'll be honest. I dont care what I do. I don't. If I can pay the bills and provide for my family, I'll be happy. I don't live for my work, I live for my family. God -> Family -> Work -> Me is the order it goes in.

That being said, I am ambitious, I'll work hard and I love to learn wherever I am. Every place that I have worked at I have walked in with a set of skills and left with two times what I started with.

I don't want a grand life, simple is all I ask for. Eventually a house that will probably need some work and a yard to mow on the weekends, a place to grill and have friends over and fill the time with hobbies, a place to raise some kids of my own and pass on my experiences.

Keep your fancy cars and billion dollar houses, keep your fois gras and your lawnservice, I don't need or want em. I just want to settle down, and have some peace and stability for awhile.

If nothing come up I'll be looking at teaching through one of the state programs. Not my first choice but I don't mind it. Junior High Social Studies would be just about perfect.

Also, a shout out to my Uncle Michael. You fooled me for quite a long time, but I figured you out. :D
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