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Jackie and Matt in Japan!

Rockin out in Wakayama!

2/23/09 01:40 pm - Anyone hiring?

Ok, I'm back for my bi-yearly update.

What to say?

Well, July 29th is my last contract day for my job here in Japan. Therefore the plan is to either fly home that day after work, or I may have to fly home the week before that dpending on when my replacement is slated to arrive.

The current plan, for all those with inquiring minds, is to stay with my folks for a bit till we get back on our feet. My resume is in the touch up phase and I'll start posting it soon, though I fully expect to be flipping burgers to make ends meet as the economy in America is worse than the dubs on those old Jackie Chan movies.

What am I gonna do? I have no idea. I have experience in oh about 15 different fields of work, from food prep and table service, to metal work and basic welding, to Teaching and lesson plan making, to Japanese office assistance and managerial experience.

I'll be honest. I dont care what I do. I don't. If I can pay the bills and provide for my family, I'll be happy. I don't live for my work, I live for my family. God -> Family -> Work -> Me is the order it goes in.

That being said, I am ambitious, I'll work hard and I love to learn wherever I am. Every place that I have worked at I have walked in with a set of skills and left with two times what I started with.

I don't want a grand life, simple is all I ask for. Eventually a house that will probably need some work and a yard to mow on the weekends, a place to grill and have friends over and fill the time with hobbies, a place to raise some kids of my own and pass on my experiences.

Keep your fancy cars and billion dollar houses, keep your fois gras and your lawnservice, I don't need or want em. I just want to settle down, and have some peace and stability for awhile.

If nothing come up I'll be looking at teaching through one of the state programs. Not my first choice but I don't mind it. Junior High Social Studies would be just about perfect.

Also, a shout out to my Uncle Michael. You fooled me for quite a long time, but I figured you out. :D

12/24/08 06:52 pm - I've been tagged -_-;

So we were tagged by mum to fill out a survey of some sort, so here goes.

* TV shows we watch:
1. Battlestar Galactica
2. Zero no Tsukaima
3.-8. We dont watch TV here in Japan.

* Favorite Restaurants
1. Yachya
2. Taco Bell
3. Olive Garden
4. Outback Steakhouse (Nagoya)
5. Happy Dragon (Columbus, OH)
6. Denny's
7. Wendy's
8. Home Cooking ( not a restaurant but eh.)

* Things we did today. (Nothing happened to us today :(
1. Ate kaiten Sushi with a friend (Matt)
2. Checked Email (Jackie)
3. Watched Iron Man
4. made pizza
5. Cleaned the kitchen
6. Payed Bills
7. Played WoW
8. Rode my Bike (Matt)

* Things we look forward to
1. Going Home
2. Seeing Family/Friends
3. Going to church
4. Driving
5. Seeing movies for less than 40 dollars (tickets only)
6. going to walmart like everything stores
7. having a proper oven
8. getting our 2nd apartment (1st american apt.)

* Things we wish/pray for
1. Well being of friends and family
2. To do God's will
3. Be a good Husband (Matt)
4. Be a good Husband (Jackie lol )
5. Jackie's Health
6. Happiness for friends
7. Work opportunities for Matt
8. America (war/economy/etc)

I tag Milo Hansen, the great Canadian Huntsman.

11/18/08 02:33 pm - Wow, 2 months...

Well hellos there friends and family. It sure has been awhile. We miss you all more than you could possibly know.

And so that is why Jackie and I will be returning home 1 year ahead of schedule, that will be July/August of 2009.

Trust me when i say that while the money here is good and the work enjoyable, we are itching to get back.

I've been reflecting over our time here in Japan and realise that Jackie and I have been through a whole lot. We had our first chirstmas here (married), bought our first piece of furniture here (bed), Dealt with illness and misfortune here, spent a LOT of time together just being together, and as a result we have grown together as a couple tremendously.

There are bits of custom and culture that we have gained from Japan and lost from America. There is a lot of vocab and grammer that we lost from english and started substituting Japanese for. I learned to make salsa from scratch. We have made make shift fondue, pie with no pie plate or oven, and countless other dishes that I wouldnt have dreamed of.

We have lived a very isolated life. I think we would both agree that communication doesnt make up for the absence of friends and family. I have to give all the credit to Jackie, she has come through this with me better than I expected. She has kept me steady in my times of distress and I have worked my hardest to do the same for her.

We look forward to spending time with each and every one of you when we get back. We are planning some small road trips when we get back to try to see everyone. Just give us some carpet space to sleep on and I promise we will do our best to see everyone.

Warning, we may seem strange when we get back. We have absorbed a lot of japanese culture so who knows. We will probably bow a bunch and apologize alot, so please forgive us. (see already doing it)

Anywho, I'll update as we know more and try to get some pictures up. And for anyone who knows or cares, yes we have our copy of Wrath and are working our way to 80. If you don't understand what I'm talking about, no biggie It's just a game.

9/20/08 10:39 am - Pie, Spicy Chicken Sandwich, and Wrath

Hey all, wanted to drop a line ta ya's. Things are good here in the land of Rice and Raw fish. School is back in full swing and we just had a typhoon sideswipe our prefecture, but no worries it was only rain and a bit of wind nothing like ol Ike.

So pies. We both tried our hand at some pie making for giggles this last month. 1st I'll mention we have no pie pan, no rolling pin for the crust, pre-made crusts are a myth here, and no real oven only a microwave that works kinda like an easy-bake oven. So with all our hard work the pies turned out delicious if not a bit weird looking as far as normal pies go. Jackie even went all out and made her own cherry pie filling! We had to pit the cherries and everything! I made a sugar cream pie about a week after and remembered to grab pictures. both turned out swimmingly!

Then a few days later we attempted to bread and skillet fry some chicken breasts. We had recently found some jalapenos so we tossed some jalapeno juice in the breading mix and made em spicy! Quite yummy, but messy!

Last off, we just pre-ordered "Wrath of the Lich King" the expansion for World of Warcraft, which is what keeps us sane here in the middle of nowhere! We found somewhere to ship direct to us amazingly! We have that to look forward to in November!

But even more than that Dad will be here for work in November. We will get to see him over one weekend when he is here. Then not too long after Mum and Amanda and Dad will be coming here in March.

Things are a bit more sunny thn the last post, so yay for that! and now, Pictures!









8/20/08 03:24 pm - Where have they been?!?!?!


It's a simple answer but it's the truth. We have been at home whiling away the long summers hours trying to stay sane in a part of Japan with nothing to do, nothing that is of any interest and on a budget that doesn't allow for many trips to the "Big City."

I'm itchy. I want to get out and do something fun, something productive. But what? travel is expensive. Even food is expensive. We haven't eaten out in a fair number of months.

We go for Bike rides, and play WoW, and play random video games, and watch the same movies again, and during these slow hot months, we are coming to a crawl with nothing to do. School will start soon again, and I'll become busy, but poor jackie will be stuck with the same routine of nothing still. I feel horrible for bringing her to a town so devoid of anything to do. No one is around for her to hang out with. I feel bad.

Yeah I realize now how this started as an update but ended being a rant. I didnt mean it to be. Just happened. Im getting it off of my shoulders.

Physically we are doing well. Jackie seems better these past two months with her arthritis. We get out more and there seems to be less pain overall. We are keeping on spiritually, longing for a church family again, but still strong.

We really got down to a tighter budget for food to try to have some more money put back for when my parents come to visit.

So what I'm getting at is, we are well, and life is normal if not a bit more on the boring side. Ill try to update more often, but Its difficult to not be unhappy, not with life or anything, just our situation and how with how far away our friends and family are.

We miss you all, and I promise it's not as bad as it sounds from this post. Take it with a grain of sugar, cause its a good life, but one that when the time comes, Ill be glad to leave behind.


5/27/08 12:19 pm - And now, a haiku

Just a little haiku for everyone :)

Squishy banana,
awful brown spots of sadness
I still want to eat.

<3 Jackie
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5/7/08 09:36 am - One year...

Well my friends and family, Jackie and I have been married for one year today. I can't express the sort of joy I have come to know in having her by my side.

Looking back, it's difficult to imagine the time before we started down our path together. Its a blank wall, which now has been covered and enriched with all different colors and textures of life brought in by my wonderful wife. Love, compassion, joy, happiness, companionship, excitement, silliness, so many different aspects she has brought to the once dull canvas of my life has cause an artistic stirring in my heart and my soul.

I am changed by her and challenged by her. She has shown me strength I didn't know possible. Though only the first year, we have tackled many obstacles side by side. And each time we have seen ourselves grow in the aftermath of adversity. Her smile and laugh are the most pure of medicines, she is a gift from the Lord.

She truly is my one and only.

I Love you, Jackie.

Happy Anniversary


4/17/08 01:27 pm - Bugs

Here is the cards I've been working on for Matt. He designed the game and I designed the cards! I had a lot of fun with them, and I hope his students enjoy!

Pocket Mushi

Mushi being the word for bug in Japanese. :)
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4/15/08 01:22 pm - Sakura Time

The weather is beautiful and the cherry blossoms(sakura) are blooming, so Matt and I visited a grove of sakura trees and I took some pictures! I hope you like looking at flowers, because I took a ton of photos of them haha. Enjoy!

Sakura Trees GaloreCollapse )

3/8/08 10:31 am - Tagged By Mom

Sorry it took me so long to respond, I'm so bad about meme's and all that, but Matt's mom Terri tagged me with this one:

Here are the Rules: Post the rules on your blog, and then give your answers. List one fact about yourself for each letter in your middle name. Each fact must begin with a letter from your middle name. If you do not have a middle name, use your maiden name(or create a middle name).Once you are tagged, update your blog with your middle name and your answers. At the end of your post, tag one person for each letter of you middle name. Leave them a comment on their blog telling them that they have been tagged, and that they need to come read your blog for details.

E- easily entertained, I tend to love stuff like fireworks and magic shows and sunsets. Simple stuff that is awesome that I think people take for granted after seeing it a few times.

D- draconian, no not really, just think its a cool word, couldn't think of any other d word haha.

A- artistic, I hope this one is obvious.

As for tagging other folks, I think if they wanna participate they will :)
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